Day 378: Wild abandon

Posted by Paola

Given the bad weigh-in and knowing it was a week until my next weigh-in, I threw caution to the wind and over-indulged for no very good reason.

9:50pm Ham and cheese salad sandwich + nectarine + tea + prunes

1:10pm Cheese salad with yoghurt and crisp breads + pint of fizzy squash + prunes

4pm Vegetable and bean soup with sweet chilli sauce and bread + Crunchie lolly

225 calories for the lolly. Very nice.

Dinner at Becky’s:

  • brown pitta bread with red pepper hummus dip
  • roasted vegetable lasagne
  • sweetcorn
  • brussel sprouts
  • brown bread with spread
  • ice cream
  • apple cake
  • wine x 3
  • coffee x 2
  • Ferrero Rocher x 3 (?)

Estimated calories: 1,800

I had seconds of the sweet corn, cake and ice cream. I felt mega full and really uncomfortable for a few hours later. I ate as I did pre-diet. The intention is to eat less the rest of the week but we’ll see.


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