Cooking by freezing

Posted by Paola

Save time and money by cooking your vegetables just by freezing them raw.

(I think that) the same breaking-down process that happens during cooking also happens during freezing. When you want to eat the veg, you only need to heat it, not cook it. If you want something at room temperature, just de-frost.

I’ve done this successfully with kale (which comes already washed and chopped in 200g bags from Tesco). I have been splitting it into 2-3 freezer bags, pressing the air out and tying.

This is also good for sliced onions to go with sausages. I peeled and sliced red onions and froze them in a bag. When Frank wants onions with my microwave hot-dogs, he just throws some onions in with the sausages.

I think this can be done with any cabbage-like vegetable or with carrots. This is partly why I am buying mixed frozen veg to make soups with.

1. Wash and chop

2. Bag and freeze

3. Heat and eat


2 thoughts on “Cooking by freezing

  1. I’ve had success doing the same thing with apples. Back in October I had some kindly friends who gave me about 10 pounds of apples. I just peeled them and froze them and they seem to defrost okay. (In fact you had some the other day in an apple cake) The only downside is you have to cook with them. They go a bit squidgy. Also sometimes, they go a bit brown (okay if you are adding cinamon) and sometimes they don’t… Heston Blumenthal please explain…

  2. Interestingly, I find that the types of stuff I freeze (casseroles, soups, home-made burgers etc) often taste better after they’ve been in the freezer for some weeks. I think the flavours carry on mingling!

    People assume that food in the freezer doesn’t do anything, but I’m pretty sure there’s still some ‘stuff’ going on with it.

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