Yesterday don’t matter if it’s gone

Posted by Sylvia


Milky coffee: 30 calories

I’ve bought some low cal yogurts for a morning snack although I was devastated to find out that the grocery store no longer offers the Nestle ones I had before. They had bits in which made it seem more substantial. I looked at low-fat plain yogurt + fruit + granola but it ended up being quite a bit higher in calories than the yogurts I used to buy. So I settled for Danone low fat fruit yogurt at 52 calories a tub.

This morning I wasn’t hungry so it was a non-issue. Cliff said he doesn’t want breakfast regardless (we don’t normally have it) so that’ll make calorie counts a bit tricky. Although if he had 52 calories less than me every day, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. :)


Lamb Kebabs for Two:

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Meat & Marinade lamb 710
yogurt 61
lime juice 5
Sub-total 776
Kebabs onion 44
red pepper 36
mushrooms 15
courgette 10
Sub-total 105
Couscous couscous 250
juice of onion 34
juice of tomato 15
1/2 lemon 5
green onion stalks 5
cucumber 20
Sub-total 329
Salad iceberg lettuce 14
Sub-total 14
Total 1,224

I was really happy with lunch, it was a good variety, nice flavours and didn’t seem like a “diet” meal at all. I was a little bit disappointed in the couscous though. Now that I’m thinking about it, I usually add a dab of butter at the end and I wonder if that’s why I felt this couscous wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be. I wonder if a touch of salt would help.


582g Raw Chicken 640
300g Raw Chickpeas 1,092
480g Tinned Tomato 86
Olive Oil 119
Onion etc 50
Total Calories 1,987

Total weight: 2186 grams
Calories per gram: 0.9

Serving size: 500g
Calories per serving: 457

This was based on the Algerian soup recipe but it was kind of boring. I might try it again with green chiles.

I was very pleased to have my diet coke in the evening but really I was counting down until it was late enough to have my hot chocolate which I had designated as a treat for being good all day. It was very nice.

Then I decided I would have a second one as I was still under 1,200 and I wasn’t ready for bed. It wasn’t as nice. I probably shouldn’t have bothered.

I stayed up very late. I considered a third drink but suspected that it would taste even not nicer. Maybe I should make a pot of green tea for the evenings and drink that before I have an options.

I’m not sure what I’ll do once the weather warms up but a hot drink before bed is quite nice.


Breakfast Milky Coffee 30
Lunch Lamb Kebabs w/ Couscous 612
Dinner Chicken and Chickpeas 457
Options Hot Chocolate 64
Total Calories 1,163

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