Sunday Seconds

 Posted by Simon

Soup 240
Beans n Sausages 220
Noodles, chicken and veg 700
Cider (Light!) 120
Slim Fast Shake made into a dessert 150

Total 1440 

I had a bowl of the noodles, but I had to have another bowl, I wasn’t hungry, but I was compelled to finish what I had cooked.  I notice I often cook enough for two, but end up eating it all.

Total doesn’t seem enough, I seem to have eaten lots today.  Off to bed before I eat anymore!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Seconds

  1. I find it very hard to cook small quantities too. A little trick I learnt was to invest in a new set of pans – the individual cooking size ones. In England you can buy them from Lakeland Plastics. They used to do mail orders/online orders too.

    It is so hard to cook more than one at a time, that my quantity size decreased automatically.

  2. That’s an interesting idea, and one I’ll certainly consider.

    The other idea I’ve had is when serving up, serve up onto a plate for myself, and straight into a container for the freezer, and not leave any available for seconds. I just then have to make sure it ends up in the freezer, and not in my stomach.

  3. I did the ‘I’m cooking more for the freezer’ phase too, and found that whilst I was eating my dinner, the extras were in a container, waiting to cool down before they get popped into the freezer. However, I used to end up lightening the load by eating more before it could get into the freezer.

    Then I would say to myself, ah what’s the point freezing just a little bit. Might as well finish it up.

    This is a single portion mini wok :-

  4. I sometimes do a version of cooking when I’m not hungry, by cooking two meals at once, the thing I’m about to eat, and the other ‘long term’ meal. Invariably they might contain some similar ingredients, so I can do one lot of chopping.

    But I’m not very organised, and never know what I’m going to eat, I never plan it, I just go ‘hmm, I’m hungry, what shall I eat’, go and poke about and make something.

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