Monday Munching

 Posted by Simon

(Interestingly, I was hungry when I went to bed, and really hungry this morning… Could it be 1400ish calories just wasn’t enough for me the day before?)


Mystery Soup* + bread 500
Slimfast Shake 300 
Burgers (home-made with lean lamb mince), stuffing, veggies, gravy 1000+
Narner 80

And then it goes a bit wrong, following a trip to Sainsbury’s…

Prawn Cocktail + Finn Crisp Thins** 300
WW Choccy Dessert, 2 of them 200 

Total 2400+

I didn’t need anything really after the supermarket, I should just have had a cup of decaff or something.  Sigh.  I’m annoyed that my eating habits aren’t driven by need or hunger but by greed and emotion.

* Unlabelled soup from freezer, I think it was the last remnants of a casserole that ended up as mainly sauce that I blitzed and froze.  Tomatoey, quite spicy, nice.  I never label stuff I put in the freezer, but it’s usually a casserole or soup, so you can kinda tell if it’s one or the other, by the fact if it has lumps or not!

**Thanks Paola, I’d not tried the Thins before, they’re lovely.  I’d only tried the big round cardboardy Finns – which I’m not so keen on.


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