Day 387: Blue sky glory

Posted by Paola

I had the oddest thought when meeting someone new during the day.

I was at my mum’s house and met one of the women who help her around the house that I’d previously just spoken to on the phone. She’s really nice and we had a good laugh while she did her bits of work.

At one point, I realised that she was meeting the ‘new’ me, not the long-time-obese Paola. It seemed strange that it would go by unmentioned; I had an irrational urge to say “I used to be fat, you know”, as if to apologise for being an imposter in ‘normal’ world. I didn’t succumb to my urge! But it’s weird that I still feel I deserve that embarrassingly-big label. Hmm.

12 noon Cottage cheese salad sandwich + tea + apple

I’m out of the Quorn fake meat slices and really missed them in my sandwich. They add a lot of flavour.

2:10pm Kale with feta and lemony yoghurt + squash

Frank came over to my mum’s for a few hours and we left in the evening.

7:15pm Vegetable and cheese calzone with salad + diet Coke @ Zizzi

Lots of pizza dough and it took a while to get to the filling which was finally very tomatoey. It originally came with goat’s cheese but I asked for this to be replaced with gorgonzola. I found mozzarella but couldn’t discern any other other cheese.

I figured I’d have two courses but we were both stuffed our our pizzas. We realised that by having a main and possibly a pudding, rather than a starter and then a main (both of which one has to order in advance), that one’s more likely to stop after one course when it’s the main. So that’s a good thing.

10:30pm Dessert + tea

2 x Finn Crisp with chocolate and hazelnut spread with warmed apple, Tesco Value custard and dried fruit & nuts. I estimate this to over 600 calories.


One thought on “Day 387: Blue sky glory

  1. I had an irrational urge to say “I used to be fat, you know”, as if to apologise for being an imposter in ‘normal’ world.

    I can just imagine trying to come up with a response to that. :)

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