Just Another Manic Monday

Posted by Sylvia

I didn’t weigh myself Monday morning because I had rather-a-lot of red wine Sunday night and I felt dehydrated. I should be around 80.5 kilos.

I still have my yogurt mix but I wasn’t really hungry so I decided I’d skip it and see how I felt. I wasn’t really very hungry until shortly before lunch.

For lunch I made Sauerkraut Goulasch at 390 cal/portion from a German magazine. I followed the recipe exactly so that I wouldn’t have to do my own count. I should have taken a photo – it was a bit odd but nice.

Dinner was Vietnamese Lemongrass and Chile Chicken without the lemongrass because I can’t find it here. Also I used soy sauce instead of fish sauce as I ran out of fish sauce last week. I really need to head to Marbella and buy some serious supplies!

Which reminds me that I’m getting low on Hot Chocolate too. Paola, any chance that you could help sort me out again?

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast Milky Coffee 30
Sub-total 30
Lunch Sauerkraut Goulasch 390
Sub-total 390
Dinner chicken thighs 270
Sugar 8
garlic and onion 5
chicken stock 20
Basmati rice 130
Sub-total 433
Nightcap Options Hot Chocolate 64
Sub-total 64
Total 917

3 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. Good timing, I have an online Tesco grocery order open. *tappity tap* Ah, the Belgian chocolate hot chocolate is on offer. Delivery tomorrow.

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