Famous by Tuesday

Posted by Sylvia

Breakfast: Milky Coffee

I got up late and although I was hungry, I didn’t feel I had time to sort something out. I have some goat’s yogurt (85 calories – and not low-fat! woah!) that I want to try with honey and muesli but I put it off thinking I’d make it when I could enjoy it. I think that was a mistake.

Lunch: pork stir fry for two

I was very hungry when I was making this. I realised I should have had something for breakfast but it seemed a bit silly to eat something directly before lunch.

When I was mixing up the ingredients, I used more pork than I was intending to initially, which I am sure was a response to how hungry I felt. Then I looked at the sauce I wanted to use which I know is some sort of mixture of soy sauce and sugar and mirin. It didn’t have a calorie count on it and I thought to be safe, I really should mix up my own sauce as it would be less sweet and better for me. Then I took this sauce and splashed it onto the meat anyway, without even measuring it. It was a silly thing to do and certainly didn’t make me feel any better about the lunch. I’ve estimated the sauce at a tablespoon of sugar which hopefully is high for what’s in it!

Pork and Chard Stirfry 400g pork 720
Noodles 150
1 red pepper 50
1 tablespoon olive oil 119
Chard 50
Sauce (tablespoon sugar) 50
Total Calories 1,139

Lunch calories (per person): 570

Dinner: Tuna Salad with 2 teaspoons oil per portion

Again, I felt very sulky at having to measure everything and how much faster I could get dinner served if I just put it together. I’d also lost track of time (the big lunch would have stopped me from feeling hungry, as well) so I was in a rush. So I decided to put together a tuna salad that I knew would be low in calories so that I didn’t have to measure everything. I decided to mix it all up and serve and then drizzle oil over the top for that full olive oil taste with a minimum of actual oil. But I still used two teaspoons per plate which tasted lovely but I really shouldn’t.

Tuna Salad Tinned tuna 99
Vegetables & lettuce – approx 150
2 teaspoons olive oil 80
Total Calories 329

Nightcap: 3 options hot chocolates

I knew I shouldn’t have the third one, especially since I’d gone overboard with calories at lunch but I really fancied it. I added extra milk to the third one, too. :(
106 calories

Breakfast Milky Coffee 30
Lunch Pork Stir Fry 570
Dinner Tuna Salad 329
Nightcap 3 Options Hot Chocolate 106
Total Calories 1,035

I am amazed to see that the total day was still under 1,200 as I felt really guilty about all the calories and was dreading adding them up. I guess because I’ve been aiming for under 1000/day, it seemed like a lot more than it was (or I’ve mis-added something, which I’m really hoping is not the case).


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