Thursday Torpedo

 Posted by Simon

Oatibix, banana 300
The hugest Subway* Sub you’ve ever seen 1000
Soup + chickpeas 450 
And then early to bed (a little hungry) before I eat anymore… 

Total 1750

I weighed myself last night, and was alarmed and amazed to see I was 3 pounds lighter than the other day.  I putting that down to a weighing anomaly, I shalln’t believe it until consistent readings are achieved over time…

Tomorrow I’m having Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas (it being Friday, and that), I’ve already got it planned.  I’ll probably buy some cookies too.  (That’s 1500 already then…)


Though, the fish and chips are probably similar calories to the huge sub I had today.  I guessed at a 1000 calories for it, I’m thinking it might have been nearer 800 now I think about it, but, overestimating calories is better than under…

* Subway today announced 600 new stores and 7000 jobs


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