Day 390: Cold feet

Posted by Paola

This evening I tried some of Frank’s Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie frozen yoghurt.

Immediately after finishing the last spoonful, I had a desperate urge to fill my bowl again. It was bit scary. I happened to be watching a Horizon programme about obesity and resisted. After 5 mins, the urge had completely dissipated.

I remembered that either in this or a previous programme I’d seen, a doctor had said that refined sugar and flour were iffy because they are like a drug to the brain which demands more. I figured that this is what must have happened after eating the ice cream and what must have happened the two times I had the fruit cream liqueur, when I went back for more… several times!

Knowledge is power. And with this new-found knowledge, and now knowing I only need to ride out the urgency to get more for a few minutes, I hope that it will be easier to resist.

Morning drink: fresh coffee

10:40am Ham and cheese salad sandwich + nectarine

Morning drink: pint of fizzy squash

2pm Tomato, vegetable and bean soup with nuts and cheese + clementine

3:50pm Kale with egg (white) and cheese and sweet chilli yoghurt + tea

7:15pm Vegetarian chilli with sun-dried tomatoes and Thin Crisps + pint of fizzy squash

7:40pm Ben & Jerry’s frozen yoghurt

100g = 180 calories. What’s crazy about my two days of ice-cream eating, is that I don’t actually enjoy chocolate ice cream.

Evening drink: pint of fizzy squash

12:30am Mandarin

Sitting next to Frank with the frozen yoghurt. I was tempted to have some but had fruit instead. Remembering my reaction earlier also helped me resist. (Although I’d be happier if I hadn’t needed the fruit in its place.)


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