Fish! On a Friday!

 Posted by Simon

I could barely contain my excitement for having fish, chips, mushy peas and biscuits today, I’ve thought of little else since hatching the idea a day or two ago…

Fish n Chips n Mushy Peas (oh how glorious it was, I started stuffing the chips in as I loaded my plate with them…) 1000?
Cookies 520 (and it was only half a box… must hide that…)

And then, an hour later…

Cookies 520 (just knowing there was yummy biscuits in the house was too much for me to resist… just 2 of them would have been enough, but I somehow think buying a tiny chocolate treat is bad value for money or something…  maybe I need to challenge that thinking…)

So then I didn’t eat anything for hours and hours, until I got a bit annoyed later in the evening, so had on the drive home

Crisps 180

And then when I got home

A whole avocado, with some Finn Thins.  I’ve no idea how many calories, and, to be honest, I’ve given up caring today.  I set today up as a splurge day, a day for not caring, and that seems to be what I’ve done.  But, note, today is the sort of day I’ve been having 3, 4, 5 times a week in the last few months…

Tomorrow is another day.


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