Day 392: Lost in repairs

Posted by Paola

Weighed-in at 3 lbs heavier. Stupid scales.

11:50pm Fried egg, cream cheese and tomato sandwich + tea

Shortly followed by a caramel rice-cake as I my mouth needed something sweet.

4:20pm Emmental and mushroom flat bread + orange and lemon muffin + tea @ Costa Coffee

I wasn’t hungry when it came to the muffin; I thought about having one mouthful and taking the rest home for later but it was yummy fresh.

Watching the rest of the fourth series of Lost.

8:30pm Broccoli and sheep’s milk cheese and lemony yoghurt + squash + orange

9:40pm Hot chocolate + prunes + port


4 thoughts on “Day 392: Lost in repairs

  1. Salakis light sheep’s milk salad cheese. [photo]. It’s 152 calories per 100g (I think). It’s like feta but not salty.

    The only ‘salad cheese’ I’ve seen (but not tried) with fewer calories is the Tesco Value brand.

  2. Ahh, that kinda cheese.

    I was looking in my (big) Tesco for Tesco Extra products, and there are hardly any in there. Their new ‘Discount Brands’ (Aldi/Lidl lookalikies) seem to be more shelfworthy.

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