It’s good to be back!

Posted by Anna

Well, here I am, back and worse off than I was when I started! Just to shortcut the details, here’s the latest version of my old chart:

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

It seems that the extra walking I did last Spring was not as beneficial initially to my health as one might suppose, and I ended up with a stress fracture of the second metatarsal on my right foot. The fracture wasn’t picked up in an x-ray at Kingston Hospital and continued pain caused me to return to my GP after several weeks, when I went for a private referral. The consultant I subsequently saw found the fracture, too late to do anything as it was well on the way to mending, but noticed my left foot needed operating on. Finally in October I had the op and was immobile for 6 weeks.

Having started last year in fine fettle, I spent much of it in pain, hobbling around and feeling as though I were falling apart (which left me feeling old and quite depressed). I also had serious problems at work that culminated in my filing a grievance against my boss, which came to a resolution just before I had the operation. As a result, I ended up not falling off the diet so much as plummeting headlong, and had a rapid weight-gain that I’m only now starting to address.

I weighed myself a couple of weeks ago and began the Atkins diet which I have slavishly kept to. I actually find it easier to keep to a diet when I know that even one small thing will mess it up (I really can’t have any carbs if I want to remain in ‘ketosis’). I lost a lot the first week, though much of that may have been water. And have lost a couple of pounds in the week since.

A nice chappy at work suggested I go at lunchtimes to the gym with him, which I shall be starting next week, although I can’t do anything which requires impact of the feet. I bought a pair of good trainers last week and, for the first time since the op, wore ‘normal’ shoes when I wore them to work.

So here I start out on yet another journey of trying to control the food I eat, or rather, trying to control myself and my choices of food I eat.

It’s good to be back and I look forward to cheering you all on! :-)


4 thoughts on “It’s good to be back!

  1. Thanks for the kind welcome, Sylvia! :-) Things have settled, rather than resolved, but it’s a much more pleasant environment than it was.

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