Day 395: Special Delivery

Posted by Paola

I re-arranged the cupboards again by putting the larger bowls a shelf higher so that only small bowls were on the lowest shelf.

I’ve got an online Tesco grocery on the go. They’re supposed to deliver on Thursday. It’ll be interesting to see if they’ll make it if there’s still snow.

Seeing as I seem to want more sweets nowadays, like a true list-maker, I compared the lowest-calorie sweets and biscuits for cost and weight to see what sweet snacks I could get. I decided it was best to go for individually-wrapped mini bars rather than something like Maltesers where one bag is too much.

I went for Tesco’s version of Milky Ways (78 calories for a 17.5g snack bar) and Tesco’s version of Go Ahead fruit crispy slices (55 calories for a 14.5g slice). Another option is the Kinder Family Pack Chocolate Bars (70 calories for a 12.5g bar). But since I do a food shop every week, I didn’t want too much in the house.

12:15pm Ham and feta salad sandwich + sweet spiced tea + prunes

Shortly followed by a caramel rice cake due to a chilli mouth.

2:30pm Tomato, vegetable and bean soup + lemonade + prunes + coffee

A new batch of soup made with: a tin of tomatoes, a tablespoon of tomato puree, onion, frozen carrots & suede, frozen mixed veg (beans, peas, sweetcorn and carrot), tin of sweet & sour sauce, red kidney beans, red split lentils + dried red chillis.

10:15pm Broccoli with beetroot salad and feta + lemonade + caramel rice cakes


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