Day 397: Strangest meal ever

Posted by Paola

This is the sad state of my fridge, awaiting a grocery delivery.

  • Top shelf and door: mostly condiments + coffee, bacon, eggs, soup and yoghurt
  • Middle shelf: my fake meat and Quark, cheese, capers and tomato puree + Frank’s lager
  • Bottom shelf: lemonade (to make shandy), fizzy water + chilli sauce and sweet chilli sauce
  • Left drawer: veg and salads
  • Right drawer: where I normally keep lemons, fruit, chillies and tomatoes
  • Freezer top drawer: milk and bread; middle drawer: my stuff; bottom drawer: Frank’s stuff

In the end, Tesco cancelled Thursday’s deliveries, so we did a quick shop at the local Budgen, which has an unexpected selection of American and Asian foods.

11:20am Ham and cheese salad sandwich + tea

4pm Vegetable, tomato and bean soup with mozzarella and crackers

4:40pm Caramel rice cake

5:10pm Caramel rice cake + milk

7:30pm The strangest meal ever + fizzy squash + orange

For some reason, I figured that Sylvia would understand this strange combination.

Instant mash potato to which I added garlic granules, sun-dried tomatoes, cheese and dried chick-peas. With yoghurt, tomato and pickled peppers.


2 thoughts on “Day 397: Strangest meal ever

  1. I used to keep my eggs in the fridge, but I read that one should keep them at room temperature. I now do this, and they last as long (well, till the BBE date anyway), cook more reliably, and seem to be tastier.

  2. I have a deep and abiding hatred of instant mash potatoes which my grandmother (who was otherwise an excellent cook) adopted on the basis that mashed potatoes should not have lumps and instant guaranteed no lumps.

    My mashed potato is lumpy, as it should be! Cliff regularly complains about this.

    However, if I ignore that, the meal sounds lovely. Absolutely the kind of thing I love to eat. And I had chiles that looked exactly like those for dinner tonight (alongside Steak Tartare)

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