Day 399: Three treats

Posted by Paola

So much for my plan to only have one sweet treat every other day. I had three today.


I woke up early with insomnia again. Frank hadn’t gone to bed yet. I made toast for us both.

5:20am Toast + tea

One with peanut butter and piccalilli. The other with margarine and marmalade with whiskey.

2:15pm Ham and cheese salad sandwich with dried chickpeas + tea + orange + fizzy squash

2:45pm Twix snack + coffee

4:10pm Dried chickpeas

5:45pm Tomato, vegetable and bean soup with cheese and crackers + fizzy squash

Following by one of Frank’s creme caramels.

9:40pm Cheese and dried chickpea salad + squash

Followed by a Kelloggs chocolate chip tracker bar (84 calories).

Evening drink: hot chocolate


Complacent on a post weigh-in day. Bad habit. Must try harder.


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