Day 400: Salad dressing

Posted by Paola

1pm Cooked breakfast + tea + orange

Fried eggs, vegetarian frankfurter, tomatoes and bread.

1:45pm A handful of sultanas

3:10pm Tomato, vegetable and bean soup with cheese and crackers + pint of squash

Followed by another handful of sultanas and then a Kellogg‘s chocolate chip snack bar.

6:50pm Banana and yoghurt snack

Chopped banana with honey, sultanas and yoghurt and crushed Finn Crisps.

I didn’t plan on having another meal but figured I’d start using my cup-soups which are nearing their best-before dates.

8:40pm Bean curry with salad in a tortilla wrap with pickled peppers + pint of squash + orange

You know how I’ve said that sweet chilli sauce makes anything yummy? Well, so does coconut cream. I think I have made the yummiest bean curry ever.


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