Day 401: Afraid to eat

Posted by Paola

After yesterday snacking on sultanas, I took the time today to work out how many sultanas I’d get for 50 calories. It’s one tablespoon (17g).

For the last few days, I have felt anxious before eating the second meal because I know that, despite being hungry enough to warrant eating, I will feel more hungry – ravenously so – AFTER I eat something. So I debate whether I should put up with the relative mild discomfort of hunger rather than have to face the craving of more food just after eating.

I have a new grocery delivery tomorrow. I’m gonna try to have a salad every day.

12:50pm Bean curry with tortilla wrap and salad + tea

I thought I’d start the day with mega yum.

Afternoon drinks: tea + pint of squash

3:45pm Heinz tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce

320 calories compared to Tesco Value‘s 200. Nowhere as enjoyable as the Tesco one.

And, yes, I was more hungry afterwards. I tried to put off eating.

5:15pm Bean curry with wrap + tea

Evening drink: hot chocolate

7:30pm Tea + Kellogg‘s chocolate chip tracker bar @ neighbour’s

9:40pm Dried chickpeas + tomato snack + tea

Evening drink: pint of squash


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