McKenna Monday

 Posted by Simon

I didn’t post yesterday, just didn’t keep track.

Today, I was in a shop that sells books (one could even go so far as to call it a bookshop), and I came across Paul McKenna claiming that “I Can Make You Thin”.

I bought it (and another book, it was BOGOHP).

I went home, sat down, ironically with three (not one, not two, but all three) chocolate desserts (they were light ones!) and read it.

So Paul’s method is basically this:

  1. Eat when you are hungry, and only then
  2. Eat whatever you like
  3. Eat slowly, conciously and savour every bite
  4. Stop eating when you’re full (step 3 needing to be slow enough to allow this to work…)

The rest of the book was about why.  Why the brain is conditioned to desire things you’re not allowing yourself to eat.  Why willpower isn’t working.  Why thin people think thin.  etc.  It echoed the Horizon programme. About why diets and ‘the food police’ (or indeed, this confessional!), doesn’t work long term, because you still have the same thinking.

The book also contained some hints, such as train your brain to not clear the plate.  ALWAYS leave something, see point 4.  

Also, some methods to change thought behaviour, and also, the obligatory CD for him to reprogramme you as you fall asleep.

He points out you don’t have to believe it will work, you just have to do it, and if you do any one thing from the whole programme, it’s point 3: eat slowly.  

He recommends always eating with no other distractions, no telly, nothing to read, nothing to listen to.  Focus entirely on what you are doing, put the cutlery (or the food) down between each mouthful,  only pick it up again when your mouth is empty and you’re still hungry.

I’ve got to go now, Paul is waiting in bed for me.

4 thoughts on “McKenna Monday

  1. I agree, re-training is key. I’m still considering hypnotherapy.

    I bought the book a couple of years ago – I think Ian and Becky recommended it – but I never read it.

    I think I’m eating slower than I used to but I still want to – and do – finish everything on the plate. I know that getting into the habit of leaving something on my plate (and, indeed, not clearing the serving bowl itself) would be a good thing.

  2. I’ve heard really good things about the book + CD.

    I initially dismised it as it doesn’t feel like those rules are really different from my life (I think I’m hungry, what I like is VERY high calorie foods + lots of red wine, I think I already do focus on my food (usually) and I have stopped myself clearing my plate unless it’s one of my favourites) but that’s not enough to lose weight (it may be enough to stop gaining it) but I’ve seen a lot of people say that they felt it made a significant different to them (as in, followed the programme and lost weight – no idea how long for).

    Intriguingly, it was just last month when I was reading a message board discussion of people who had been using the system long term and there were distinct references to when it stopped working, listening to the CD again and focusing on the system and it working again. So I guess the hypnotherapy aspect and following the programme have a specific effect.

    I’ll be very interested in your experiences with it.

  3. Paola: read it! You took the action to buy it!

    I listened to the CD last night, and it’s a bit weird, he does this stereo thing in places where he says two lots of stuff at the same time. But I wasn’t listening in stereo, the the effect was kinda lost on me. I’m sure my brain took it in anyway?

    I’ll see what happens…

  4. I have heard very good things about this too. Will be interested in hearing your experiences in later posts :)

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