Tuesday Tuckshop!

 Posted by Simon

I slept well, and have felt awake and alert, just like Paul said I would.

Breakfast was spinach and egg on toast, and spaghetti on toast.  I ate it slowly (indeed, it got cold), but I had to try very very hard to leave the last mouthful on the plate…

Mid-afternoon I was hungry, so had some biscuits, then some more biscuits, and made myself throw half a biscuit away, it was a struggle.  But 10 minutes later I didn’t want any more biscuits.  If I hadn’t stopped myself I could have easily polished off all of them.

Early evening finished the biscuits, bar the last bite…

Mid evening now, hungry for real food, not inclined to cook though…  cooked some salmon.  Ate some with sweetcorn, left some.  Ate some more (and the bit left over) a little later, left a little.  Finished it.

The a little later wanted chocolate, so ate some, knowing I wasn’t hungry, had some, still felt full, kept on eating it…


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tuckshop!

  1. No. I’m actually serving up a lot less, as I know I have to stop when full, and I end up splitting a usual ‘portion’ over a few hours it seems…

    Early days.

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