Day 403: Best rejection ever

Posted by Paola

Spurred on by Simon’s efforts with Paul McKenna, I thought I’d try the leave-something-on-plate thing today.

I didn’t manage to leave anything. In the afternoon, we went out for a late lunch. I realised after a few bites of my sandwich that I wasn’t hungry anymore and, given Paul’s advice, I should have stopped eating. Perhaps one could carry a couple of zip-lock food bags so that one can easily store any savoury and sweet left-overs.

It also seems to me that re-training oneself to eat for hunger only, and not for pleasure, means a completely different way of preparing and serving meals; as if a meal should be in form of bite-sized self-contained bits that make it easy to stop at any time and not feel one’s not sampled everything. Perhaps I should read the book, huh.

At the shopping centre in Staines, I noticed a sale in Anne Harvey, a shop for plus-size clothes that I used to go to. I stepped in, looking at a blouse that caught my eye, the only company were two staff by the till.

One called out “I don’t think there’ll be anything here for you in your size.” I grinned and walked up to them. I told them that I’d lost 5 stone last year and used to shop there but that I hadn’t gotten out of the habit of looking in the shop. I swear that their mouths fell open.

I was grinning for ages afterwards. I celebrated with a sandwich AND crisps AND cake. Feh.

12:40pm Turkey and cheese salad sandwich + plum + tea

What I left:

5:45pm Egg sandwich with crisps + tea + apple & blackcurrant crumble cake @ Costa Coffee

329 calories for the sandwich, the veggie option with the fewest calories.

I cut the cake into 8 pieces and savoured each piece but, by then, was already full and still eating. The cake was so fresh and it was right there in front of me…

And what I left:

8:40pm Lentil, soft cheese, seed, pepper and tomato snack + tea + plum


One thought on “Day 403: Best rejection ever

  1. I love the warped celebration of being thin by eating lots!

    Leaving stuff is hard, I’ve not posted for yesterday, I didn’t leave anything, but I didn’t eat as often as usual, asking each time if I was hungry.

    Yes, read the book. The cd is good, I just fall asleep with it now, I’m sure it’s going in.

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