Day 407: Sweet tooth

Posted by Paola

I’m trying to ignore the urge to fill a big bowl with food whenever I get hungry and instead choose a small bowl from the outset.

If I can just ignore the strange feeling of panic that it’s not enough I find that, as soon as I start eating, it IS enough and I don’t want more afterwards.

The irrational panicky urge of going hungry as I prepare my meal is really the only unpleasant thing about my diet.

2:10pm Cottage cheese and relish with rye bread + tea + squash

5:50pm Beef and beans in coconut with crackers + tea + squash

Quorn beef-style pieces, aduki beans, sweetcorn and onions in reduced-fat coconut milk with tomato puree. Flavoured with garlic powder, fresh ginger and dried red chillies.

6:50pm Finn Crisp with chocolate hazelnut spread and peanut butter + tea

I’ve run out of fruit and needing something sweet after my savoury main.

9:50pm Tomato, vegetable and bean soup with Finn Crisp

10:15pm Yoghurt with honey, sultanas and seeds



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