Days 410-412

Posted by Paola

18 Feb 2009

12:40pm Coconut bean and beef chilli with tortilla wrap + tea + squash

5:30pm Tinned spaghetti with cheese, egg and toast + tea

Followed by two cup-cakes hand-made by my lovely neighbour.

11:30pm Cheese and tomato snack + tea

19 Feb 2009

5:20pm Veg and bean soup + ham and cheese salad sandwich + tea

6:30pm Chocolate digestives + banana

11:40pm Coconut beef and bean chilli with tortilla wrap + squash

12:10am (night) Bran flakes with sultanas and seeds + tea

20 Feb 2009

8:30am Lentil and cheese sandwich + tea

This photo shows the previous and new loaves I’m getting – both Warburton’s seed bread. I figured my sandwiches would be smaller if I made them with one big slice rather than two of the smaller slices. Turns out there’s only 3g difference between these options and it’s hard to cut the new-style sandwich into four.

4:10pm Cheese and ham salad sandwich + tea

I forgot I’d had a sandwich earlier!

7:10pm Coconut beef and bean chilli + tea

11:25pm Tea-cakes with low-fat spread, cheese and nectarine + tea

1:10am Green & Black’s chocolate ice-cream with biscuits and seeds + port


One thought on “Days 410-412

  1. Woah. I glanced at this and thought Jeez, she’s taking the small meals often concept a bit far! Then I realised you were catching up and this was multiple days. *whew*

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