Days 416-418: At mum’s

Posted by Paola

24 Feb 2009

12:20am Ham and cheese salad sandwich + plum + tea

Followed by half a biscuit.

3:30pm Diet Coke and Nik Naks @ train station

On the way to my mum’s for the night so I could go with her to a hospital appointment in the morning.

5:20pm Cheese Slices (pastries) with spinach and tomato salad

Followed by two Ryvita + a plum

6:20pm Happy Hippo + tea

10:15pm Cream cheese and tomato snack + plums

Followed by strawberries.

25 Feb 2009

At my mum’s house.

12:50pm Cream cheese and salad sandwich + plums

7:10pm Noodles with chilli vegetables + iced peach tea @ Wagamama

On the way home, after having left my mum’s house.

26 Feb 2009

10:30am Houmous wrap, Quavers, diet Coke and nectarine

460 calories for the wrap, 87 for the Quavers.

Bought from Waitrose which is next to the train station. I was on the way back to my mother’s house to be there for her appointment with the Community Matron.

3:45pm Chocolate chip and hazelnut muffin + spiced tea @ Starbucks

On the way home from my mother’s house.

7:45pm Veg and bean soup with cheese and crackers + squash

8pm (Broken) biscuits + tea


3 thoughts on “Days 416-418: At mum’s

  1. A big update from you! Very interesting to see ice cream and biscuits appearing in your diet, foods that don’t seem to have been confessed for a while?

    I’ve not updated in a while, I seem to be eating for sure, but I don’t seem to be thinking about it much, it’s not really at the forefront of my mind anymore, neither is my weight, whether it’s too much or not. A peculiar realisation.

  2. I knew I was eating a lot more sweet things but it was an eye-opener doing the food diaries for the last week in one go.

    I specifically gave the context of my mum’s visits to allude to the fact that I am consciously giving my myself ‘treats’ in stressful times. It’s a bad habit to use sugary foods this way.

    With regard to the ice cream and biscuits, I bought them for Frank – I’ve not had a huge success in resisting things once they’re in the house and given in once.

    However, I do now have a sweet tooth that I didn’t have before and I am wondering how to manage it.

    I thought maybe I could stock diet drinks in the fridge and have a glass of cola when I feel like something sweet rather than consuming lots of calories. But it seems to me that indulging my sweet tooth on demand might just make it hard for when I expect something sweet but am not near a diet drink.

  3. We just can’t keep biscuits in the house. If I have a pack of biscuits, I’ll eat the whole pack. There are a few foods we keep to asuage the sweet tooth cravings (especially at night) I buy the economy choc ices from Sainsburys and they are about 90 calories. (They are really small but at least you get a little bit of ice cream and a little bit of chocolate)
    I also buy the Sharwoods Spicy Thai crackers. They are 140 calories for half a bag (a big bag)

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