Day 419: Halloumi wrap

Posted by Paola

5:50am Cottage cheese and beetroot on Thin Crisp + tea + squash

Followed by an apple and scraping out the about-to-be-thrown-away jar of chocolate hazelnut spread.

12:50pm Halloumi wrap + salad + fries + tea + iced peach tea + cappucino @ Fego

With Becky.

4pm Broken biscuits + squash

6:10pm Tomato, vegetable and bean soup with cheese and crackers + apple

7:45pm A tomato

8:40pm Pickled beetroot with cottage cheese, seeds and baco’ bits

11pm Banana, sultanas, seeds and honey with biscuit and yoghurt + tea


2 thoughts on “Day 419: Halloumi wrap

  1. It wasn’t. I’m having trouble getting decent-tasting tomatoes without spending lots of money. I just realised it’s because I now shop online – I usually sniff them before deciding to buy.

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