Day 421: Eat eat eat

Posted by Paola

11:15pm Egg mayo sandwich + Quavers + diet Coke + nectarine

From Waitrose and eaten on the train into London.

2:50pm Goats cheese and red pepper frittata with salad and roasted pumpkin + water @ Benugo

In the V&A, after seeing the hat exhibition.

5:20pm Apricot and almond cake + tea @ John Lewis

6:50pm Mango and pineapple + diet Cola

From M&S on the train home. I also bought a bag of crisps was too embarrassed to eat it after having eaten the fruit.

8:10pm Vegetable, tomato and bean soup with cheese + low-fat M&S crisps + squash + apple

9:20pm Bran flakes with sultanas and seeds

10:15pm Chicken and cheese salad

11:30pm M&S yum yum + tea


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