Thursday’s Child

Posted by Sylvia

Exercise: yoga and steps on the Wii

I want to start tracking my exercise because I’m honestly not sure how consistent I am being. Obviously time on the Wii Fit is tallied but I’ve been taking walks and I tend not to think to enter that into the system.

Right now, my ankle hurts and my shoulder feels tight, so I’m disinclined to do a work out – but perhaps I use that as an excuse a lot?

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast One coffee with milk 30
Sub-total 30
Lunch 2 soft-boiled eggs 140
Salad 15
Salad Dressing 70
Tomato 32
1 slice cheese 35
Sub-total 292
Dinner 175g Steak 300
120g artichoke hearts 45
1/2 fennel bulb 36
10g parmesan 40
Steamed asparagus 20
Sub-total 441
Snack Options Hot Chocolate 32
Sub-total 32
Total 795

I didn’t mean to end up that low – I thought the steak would be more calories than it was. Having said that, I didn’t feel any hungrier at the end of the night than I have done the rest of the week.


One thought on “Thursday’s Child

  1. Hi, just discovered your blog and love it. I have been with a personal trainer since November and in the past have lost 3 st on weightwatchers. I agree with your comments on things hurting and therefore not exercising – I used to do that all the time, but there are always things you can do which may use different muscle groups…I have had to be really honest with myself lately as I really wasn’t losing weight and have totally plateaued. One thing I would recommend (and I haven’t read all of your blog, so forgive me if anyone else says it) is breakfast! It gets your metabolism working better so you burn off more cals than if you just have coffee. Also, if you like the taste, hot water and lemon in the morning is cleansing for your liver and a good diuretic. The thing that made the change for me in WW was water – and lots of it, really annoying at first as there are the constant trips to the loo, but my skin looked a lot better and I was less hungry. Keep it up though – looks like you’re doing an amazing job!! C x

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