Day 429: Candida overgrowth

Posted by Paola

I did some online research after breakfast today to find out about my recent onset of sticky saliva that I’d been confusing with excessive thirst. Turns out that, along with a craving for sugary foods and tiredness, it’s a symptom of candida (a yeast) over-growth. Candida is responsible for thrush, by the way.

I’ll go see the doctor but I have already made a list of foods to avoid/eat and some harmless home remedies which I’ll try. If I do have the over-growth, I’ll need to starve the candida of sugar. That means cutting out carbohydrates, sugar/sweeteners, gluten (bread), caffeine and fruit. I should eat garlic and yoghurt daily. My teas are now decaf with a few cloves, which are recommended.

I’m glad to have my sweet cravings, sticky gob and constant tiredness explained. The regime will help reduce the foods that will feed the candida that also happen to be calorific. I’m almost tempted not to go see the doctor but to try the adapted diet for a month.

12:20pm Cooked breakfast on bread + tea + orange

4:30pm Veg soup with cheese + Crackerbread + decaf tea w/cloves

7:50pm Beef and bean coconut chilli with Thin Crisp + orange

00:10am Tomato and Quark snack + decaf tea w/cloves & cardamon


2 thoughts on “Day 429: Candida overgrowth

  1. That’s interesting – I thought for a moment that Candida was a sweetener! – the diet to fix this seems a bit coincidentally mormon? Or maybe I’m suspect of anyone who tries to take cheese away from me :)

  2. Candida is also a porn star’s name!

    The only cheeses to eliminate (temporarily) are aged (i.e., mouldy) cheeses.

    I’m gonna keep eating my half-fat cheddar, Quark and cottage cheese (the latter is on the list of things to eat).

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