Day 430: -gluten-sugar-caffeine

Posted by Paola

This was my first day to have a gluten-, sugar- and caffeine-free diet to address a possible candida over-growth.

3:20pm Veg burger and warm veg

I remembered I had these 80-calorie veggie burgers from Tesco. I defrosted them in a bowl with kale and spinach. I added Quorn chicken slices and yoghurt. I was about to have sweet chilli sauce and remembered the sugar adn switched to horseradish sauce instead.

I made decaf tea with whole cloves and cardamon.

5:45pm Vegetable soup + tea w/cloves

7pm? Veg burger with veg + decaf tea w/cloves and cardamon

Vegetarian burger with kale, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and yoghurt, seeds and Peppadew.


Yoghurt with drips from jam.

11:30pm Bean and beef coconut chilli + tea w/cloves

00:10am Baby plum tomatoes


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