Day 431: Raw green lentils

Posted by Paola

My second day of a diet without gluten, sugar and caffeine because of a suspected candida over-growth. My doctor’s appointment is a week away.

2pm? Veg burger, egg and lentils with spinach and yoghurt + tea w/cloves and cardamon

These are lentils which have been soaked over-night (with two changes of water) that are then marinaded – uncooked – in lemon juice, garlic and olive oil.

5:20pm Peas, sweetcorn and cabbage with lentils, yoghurt, sun-dried tomatoes + tea w/cloves

7:10pm Veg soup with lentils

Followed by the rest of the lentils

00:10am Warm salad + tea


2 thoughts on “Day 431: Raw green lentils

  1. Nah, I came up with it a couple of weeks ago.

    I’d soaked lentils overnight pending soup-making and, because I am WILLING TO EAT ANYTHING, popped a few in my gob to see what they were like. I posted at the time – they taste like fresh peas out of the pod. Very nice.

    It’s a source of protein on salads and even in sandwiches. I’ve only tried green lentils like this, not red (which seem insubstantial).

    You don’t have to marinade them – you can flavour them on serving. But I figured they’d last longer in the fridge in lemon juice and oil.

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