Day 433: Candida false alarm

Posted by Paola

When I got back from London last night, Frank asked me where I’d found information about candida. I’d been following a gluten-, sugar- and caffeine-free diet the last few days as I thought my sticky mouth and sugar cravings could be explained by a candida over-growth.

He’d looked into it online too and came to the conclusion that it was a made-up diagnosis purely to sell Alternative Medicine. I was aware that some of the online quizzes I’d found included questions that anyone would say yes to. I conceded that perhaps something else was going on. My appointment with my GP is next week.

The possibility did succeed in halting my bingeing on sweet snacks (although I caved in this evening). I don’t have constant sugar cravings (I think I was just getting too used to eating sweet things) – I still have a sticky mouth but am aware I’m not drinking two pints of squash a day like I used to when it was warmer.

I’m drinking instant coffee instead of tea as I haven’t weaned myself off sugary tea and I always want something sweet after drinking sweet tea.

3pm? Ham and cheese salad sandwich + coffee

On my gluten-free bread. I still need to use it up and I got two loaves.

9pm Bean and beef coconut chilli with bread + coffee

9:10pm Gluten-free cereal with sultanas

9:45pm More flakes with Splenda

2 thoughts on “Day 433: Candida false alarm

  1. It’s lovely as is – crunchy and everso slightly sweet – but goes soggy, like Rice Krispies, when you add milk. Hence my second milk-less portion. It’s by Dove’s Farm. I think it’d make a great dry snack just drizzled with honey.

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