Mid-Week Blow-Out

Posted by Sylvia

Wednesday is a bit slapdash because we went to the pub to meet friends Wednesday evening and I might have drunk a bit too much. I remember thinking about how much I had drunk and being sure that I couldn’t be as tipsy as I felt … without at any point considering how the lower calorie count might be affecting me. I had a lot of wine in addition to my normal calories so I’m noting this only so that I have an idea of what the actual food was like. In future, if I am going to the pub, I will eat normal portions rather than a small meal in order to “leave calories” for booze :P

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Lunch 320g tomatoes 73
70g pita bread 186
Chicken 262
1/2 tablespoon olive oil 60
Sub-total 581
Dinner Cabbage est. 20
150g minced beef 270
stock 50
Sub-total 340
Total 921


I didn’t feel well at all on Thursday and absolutely craved strong flavours.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast Coffee with milk * 2 60
Sub-total 60
Lunch 250g chicken breast 275
1l stock 80
1 green onion 20
chiles and lime 10
Sub-total 385
Dinner 160g beef 288
Rice 200
Salad 50
5g butter 35
Sub-total 573
Snack Options * 2 64
Sub-total 64
Total 1,082

An interesting side point came up as a result of this. On Thursday, having blown the diet Wednesday night and agreed to be off the diet for the weekend, it would have been reasonable to ask if it was worth dieting at all for the interim period. Previously I would categorically has said, forget it until next week. This time, I thought “Hell, I’m not going to have a drink anyway (ever ever again!) and I’ve already got the meals planned out so we might as well stick with it.” This fits in with the comment I made to Paola: I’m not driving myself crazy nor committing to 6 weeks at a time and I’m not stressing out so much about being meticulous about counting (especially dishes I’ve made / totalled up previously). The net result is that dieting doesn’t feel like such a huge hardship and so I’m a lot less likely to blow it off. I hope it lasts!

I did not exercise yesterday. I was proud of myself simply for making it out of bed :P


4 thoughts on “Mid-Week Blow-Out

  1. I think that the non-strict approach is a good plan. For me, I wonder if they’re just convenient excuses to give up. But it’s hard to go on a mad binge when ya didn’t break any rules.

    I’m aware that my posts have sometimes said I’ll try to do something differently. Most times I don’t manage it but sometimes I do. I try not to dwell on the times I didn’t follow through.

  2. For me, it’s getting rid of the convenient excuse not to start. I don’t know, it’s clearly a slower route and we’ll have to see how it goes over time. I pigged out last night for no other reason than I was alone and I could have junk comfort food for dinner and I made too much (so I might as well finish it). Today I feel slow and bloated. I know I shouldn’t have eaten so much but it’s interesting (to me) to feel negatives the next day which traditionally I haven’t noticed.

    It can only be that the lighter evening meals have shown me a new way that I can feel in the morning (hungry! But still, better than this) which I had not previously taken in.

  3. “I pigged out last night for no other reason than I was alone and I could have junk comfort food for dinner and I made too much (so I might as well finish it).”

    Have you considered photographing and posting what you eat? I’m not sure I’d have lost the weight without it as a device to make me think twice. Just take an overhead shot and post at the end of each day. Maybe try it for 5 days?

  4. I have but the food on my plate is only very rarely the problem-food. I’m pretty good about serving myself sensible portions and usually I’m ok with leaving food behind once I’m full. But as I was indulging in comfort food that no one else in the house likes, it seemed like “who knows when I’ll get this again” and I couldn’t bear not to finish it.

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