It’s the End of the Week as We Know It

Posted by Sylvia

I only just realised that I hadn’t posted my food count from Friday.

I’ve been making salads without counting the detail but as lunch today was one big mega salad meant to be really filling, I thought I’d better play it safe and measure everything specifically. I guessed high on the sesame oil (I added in one shake to help me process the ginger – I probably shouldn’t have!) and I put in a token 5 calories for the ginger/coriander mix (it was about a teaspoon of the two which I had processed together) but the rest are all exact measures.

Serious Salad for Two 150g fennel 46
140g tomato 22
120g celery 19
Ginger and coriander 5
A dash of sesame oil 40
100g Palm hearts 26
4 eggs 280
200g tuna 232
66g onion 21
lime juice 17
Total Calories 708

I felt very tired this morning (have I reached an age where I need two days to recover from a hangover?) and had three coffees with milk to try to get myself focused on what needed doing. I had been looking forward to tonight’s dinner: steak and potato. Then it turned out that we didn’t have any potatoes in – I must have used them up without realising. I know Cliff is getting very tired of salad so I tried to getting a bit more adventurous with veg as side dishes rather than serve yet another salad.

I placed a slice of ham and a slice of cheese on top of the steak which I thought was nice but Cliff thought was a waste of calories. He would have rather had a bigger steak.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast 3 coffees with milk 90
Sub-total 90
Lunch Salad 354
Sub-total 354
Dinner Steak 310
Corn 79
Asparagus 25
Slice of ham 52
Slice of Cheese 30
Sub-total 496
Total 940

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