Day 438: Carb-free day

Posted by Paola

After the cereal blow-out yesterday, I decided to go carb- (bread) free for a day to make up for the previous excessed.

1:20pm Kale and spinach with tofu sausage and veggie burger + coffee + plums

The bowl was less than half full and so I added a whole chopped tomato. I finished it all but felt too full afterwards!

Afternoon drinks: 2 x coffee

6:50pm Coconut and garlic veg  and bean soup + coffee + plums

Starting with a paste of passata, garlic and coconut cream, I added red onions, frozen veg and red kidney beans. This might have to be a monthly treat as it’s too damn tasty and I keep having a full big bowl of it.

Midnight Kale and spinach with tofu sausage, feta and yoghurt + coffee + plums

00:40am Gin & orange + chocolate rice cakes

There was only a little bit of orange juice left and so I added some gin!


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