Day 439: Doctor day

Posted by Paola

I saw my GP today about my sticky saliva. I told her my symptoms first, then some possibly related symptoms and then what I’d read online. She waved her hands and said “forget Candida”. She said that although there is yeast that, yes, candida was a made-up diagnosis by the alternative health medicine people. She looked at my tongue, considered oral thrush and prescribed me some drops for it.

With regard to my sugar cravings, my theory was correct that my recent increase of sweet things had generated the sugar cravings (‘sugar rush’). I explained how I’d gone caffeine-, sugar- and wheat- free for a few days (she frowned) and how that’d broke the sugar cycle (she smiled). She suggested eating fruit and other slow-release sugars. I have mostly swapped sweet tea for instant coffee to minimise the risk that I’ll get hooked on sugar again.

3:10pm Cottage cheese salad with plums

I decided to chop up two plums into my salad and it was rather delish but they did take all the pleasure out of the tomatoes. Maybe I’ll just do plums OR tomatoes in my salad in future.

10:10pm Coconut bean and veg soup with toast + squash + plums

It’s another big full bowl of soup but, as my second and last meal of the day, I figured I’d have some toast to go with it. I was about to put my small gluten-free slices in the toaster when I found Frank’s cold full-sized toast from five hours ago. I decided to warm them up and have them instead with spread.

Evening drink: coffee

Feeling very full now.


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