Thursday Overdose

Posted by Sylvia

I made Ground Pork and Vegetables with Beijing Sauce Over Rice using a big bag of frozen vegetables. It was rather boring to be honest but it was surprisingly filling considering how low in calories the dish was.

Having said that, we both felt hungry during the afternoon so we shared an apple so I guess it was a temporary full feeling.

I expected dinner to be somewhat heavy but the steaks turned out to be quite a bit larger than I expected. I couldn’t really see any sensible way of cutting it down although later it occurred to me that I could have cut them into chunks and used two of them to make kebabs for three.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast 2 coffees with milk 60
Sub-total 60
Lunch Ground Pork with Vegetables 318
Rice 172
Sub-total 490
Snack 1/2 Apple 25
Sub-total 25
Dinner Steak 500
Tomato 41
Oil 40
Asparagus 20
Feta cheese 48
Sub-total 649
Snack 3 * Options 111
Sub-total 111
Total 1,335

Despite the big dinner, I felt very sorry for myself in the evening and really fancied a dessert or a nice drink. In the end, I “indulged” myself with the hot chocolates. I feel a bit guilty now but I still think it must be better than any of the other options and it removes the risk of “well, I already broke the diet with this glass of wine so I might as well eat 7 gallons of chocolate mousse”


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