Fretful Friday

Posted by Sylvia

I felt very much tired of dieting and not in the mood to calorie count and why can’t I have just one glass of wine, dammit! despite the fact that my weight loss this week seems to have been very good (even the Wii-fit praised me!). At midnight, I said to Cliff that it was effectively the weekend and so we should have a glass of wine. He glared at me until I wilted and got myself a diet coke instead.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast 3 coffees with milk 90
Sub-total 90
Lunch Pasta with Steamed Veg and Sausage 557
Sub-total 557
Dinner Minced Leg of Lamb 325
Rice 121
Salad 15
Sub-total 461
Snack 1 Options 34
Sub-total 34
Total 1,142

I think being very strict at the beginning of the week (under 1000 calories) and then allowing more leeway at the end of the week when I’m starting to feel sorry for myself helps a bit.

I still think this has to be better than the previous year where I spent 75% of it “too busy to diet” but it does seem like I am more easily tempted to break it than I was when I knew I was dieting for a 6-week stretch.


2 thoughts on “Fretful Friday

  1. Could you ration wine to 1-2 glasses a week or do you think that anything would set a bad habit while you’re dieting?

    Whereas you are strict at the beginning of the week, I tend to eat much more after my weekly weigh-in and the day after and then spend each next day telling myself “I’ll make up for it tomorrow by cutting out [x]” but never do!

  2. I sort of did that before and it turned into saving up calories for wine each evening which can’t be sensible. I think allowing that kind of break makes more sense on a long-term diet but honestly, I have no sympathy for myself feeling hard-done by after only five days! My inner child is clearly incredibly spoilt. :(

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