Monday, Monday

Posted by Sylvia

I slept badly all night and felt terrible when the alarm went off in the morning and decided to spend the morning in bed. We went to our favourite indian restaurant Sunday night to find out that it had changed hands. I’m pretty sure the meat samosa (luke warm, wrapped in pastry) was not in prime condition. I felt OK by lunchtime though.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Chicken Stir Fry Vegetables – approx 50
1 chicken breast (350g) 385
1 tablespoon sesame oil 120
150g wok noodles 297
3 portions
Sub-total 852
Stetson Salad 150g corn 129
40g sultanas 120
15g pumpkin seeds 78
Grated Cheese 161
Couscous 359
Lettuce 20
125g yogurt 76
180g roast chicken 271
Tomato 41
3 portions
Sub-total 1,255

When I served the chicken stir-fry, the portions were tiny. I realised I had cooked as if for two and then served for three! I thought I’d get us a snack in the afternoon to make up for it.

But when I went into the kitchen in the afternoon, I first got out the minced lamb to mix it with mint and garlic to make kebabs for tonight and I realised the meat was off. It turned my stomach (ugh) but also killed my appetite (hurray) and I forgot all about the snack that was planned for the afternoon.

We had some roast chicken left from Saturday lunch so I threw away the skin and shredded the meat to make a salad as per this recipe replacing the mayo and buttermilk with yogurt, as per the comments.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast Coffee with milk * 2 60
Lunch Chicken Stir Fry 284
Dinner Stetson Salad 418
Snack Options * 2 74
223 g apple 115
Total 951

I know that I said I thought I should start out strict but maybe not quite THIS strict. We ended up having an apple each as a late night snack once I’d counted up the calories. If I didn’t know that the figure was low, would I have still fancied it? I certainly felt bizarrely full going to bed, clearly I’m no longer used to snacks late at night, which can only be a good thing!


4 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. You seem to be eating great food but doing well keeping calories low. Are you having smaller portions? Perhaps that’s now having an effect in terms of keeping you satisfied for longer?

  2. Now you’ve got me worried that I’m miscounting! The portions are certainly smaller – you commented at one point about feeling hungry when you went to sleep – it helped me to think about my expectations of feeling always sated.

    Yesterday I felt very hungry indeed before I had the apple. Today I feel fairly hungry.

    I need to do the weigh-in post but it does seem a bit slow at the moment. This issue of being heavier on Tuesday than I was on Thursday still worries me.

  3. I am sure you are counting accurately. I was thinking the other day that I actually don’t cook much – I just heat and assemble. I’m so impressed that you make time to cook every day. That you can have home-cooked, nutritious and tasty food AND still lose weight makes you a great role model!

    Re: Tues/Thurs. The general trend is more important than day-by-day fluctuations. I read ages ago that the body fluctuates by 2lbs (1kg) a week anyway.

  4. I’ve left aside a big chunk of time to play with food, with a goal of freezing things / optimising recipes so that when things are busier, I can have good food quickly and without too much thought. I’m also still trying to do all the planning and some pre-cooking at the weekends. Having said that, I am certainly struggling with having enough time for everything! I think I might end up having to dip into the freezer reserves by the end of the week :(

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