Spending Time in the Kitchen

Posted by Sylvia

I’ve posted separately about the Vegetable Dumplings that we had for lunch. For dinner, I took four very small veal steaks, cut off all the fat and put them onto skewers. I think it makes it look like more meat that way and also it means I can put them on the grill without needing additional fat.

I think I’ve been estimating salads low – we tend to have iceberg which I presumed was like celery: more water than flavour and very low in calories. But today I noticed my calorie counter thing says that a head of lettuce is 105 calories! I’m not convinced this is true and I will start weighing it to check by gram (the “piece of” measurements in the USDA lists are wonderfully vague and all seem to be fairly high in terms of calorie count – maybe they just assume Americans always take the biggest they can find?) but I did a rough count of the salad ingredients in case.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast Coffee * 3 90
Sub-total 90
Lunch Dumplings and carrot salad 534
Sub-total 534
Dinner 116g veal (skewered) 134
Sub-total 134
Salad Tomato 17
Courgette 8
Lettuce 25
Lime juice 8
Sub-total 58
Snack 3 * options 111
Sub-total 111
Total 927

Cliff said he liked dinner more than lunch which was pretty depressing considering it took me 15 minutes as opposed to 2 hours! *grumble*

I was up until 4am playing games, hence the extra Options.


4 thoughts on “Spending Time in the Kitchen

  1. Oh good! I’ll cover a plate with iceberg and then put the rest of the salad on top (thinking it was next to no calories) but I really should start counting them by weight anyway.

    It seems unfair that somehting with so litle flavour should have any calories at all!

  2. Do you use specifically iceberg for bulk?

    I went from gem lettuces to what are called round lettuces (a loose round head of large green leaves) and now spinach. The spinach lasts longer, all of the leaves are dark green and tasty, more roughage and can be cooked. My ideal salad, tho, would be a mix of spinach, watercress, rocket and lambs lettuce.

    Can chard be eaten raw in salads or is it bitter?

  3. I use specifically iceberg because it stops my boyfriend from accusing me of serving him “grass”. I think he was traumatised by dandelions as a child.

    Your ideal salad looks perfect for me. When I’m making a salad for myself, I get a mixed bag called “Sensations” full of those ingredients plus frizzy lettuce (I’ve forgotten the name of it) which I really enjoy.

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