WTF it’s Wednesday

Posted by Sylvia

I felt like it was a different day all day long – sometimes I thought it was Monday, sometimes I thought it was Saturday. Somehow it really did not sink in that it was Wednesday until the end of the day. It didn’t matter particularly (I had a list of things to do and I did them) but it was odd.

Lunch Porkloin 200
20g peas 16
20g beans 10
20g corn 15
60g rice 150
Sub-total 391
Total Calories 391

I feel a bit guilty posting a meat close-up on a blog with vegetarians! But I’m trying to remember to take more photos and I still focus meals around meat.

Pork spiced with paprika and saffron

Dinner 140g russet potatos, steamed 110
170g sauerkraut @43cal/100 73
150g Corned beef from Brisket 376
1 teaspoon mustard 3
Total Calories 562

I made the corned beef myself, having finally worked out that if I ask the butcher for “breast of veal” I get beef brisket (at 5 euros a kilo – woohoo!). I made some at the weekend (steamed beef with carrots and cabbage) and then counted up the calories and realised that it was actually doable as a low-cal meal. Both Connor and Cliff complained that it was dry, so this time I simmered it for two hours and it turned out really tender and nice. I used a calorie count for purchased pre-made corned beef although mine is probably less as I cut down the sugar and added in a bit of Cliff’s sweetener instgead.

I found the sauerkraut rather boring but usually I’d be adding white wine and ham hocks and this was just plain out pickled cabbage. It did make for a better side dish than the vegetables, in my opinion (and less calories, too!)

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast Coffee with milk * 2 60
Sub-total 60
Lunch Pork with boiled rice and veg 391
Sub-total 391
Dinner Corned Beef and Sauerkraut 562
Sub-total 562
Snack Large wedge of apple 25
2 * Options 74
Sub-total 99
Total 1,112

4 thoughts on “WTF it’s Wednesday

  1. See, if it was me, I’d have splashed some sweet chilli sauce with yoghurt on the rice and pork dish.

    Could you liven the sauerkraut maybe with a splash of balsamic and a dab of honey?

    I’m happy to see pictures / programmes and to even smell cooked meat (mmm, bacon). I had raw salmon under my nails this afternoon, preparing bits to marinate for Frankles.

  2. The yogurt w/chile is a good idea – I was thinking I was wishing I’d put more spice on the pork but a bit of sauce would work well.

    I think the problem with sauerkraut is one of expectations – it’s like eating non-fat yogurt, nothing in the world is going to make it taste like full-fat yogurt and if that’s what I’m fancying or expecting, it will be disappointing. If I think of it as pickled cabbage, I don’t think I’ll mind so much. Or maybe I should go through my German recipe books and see if I find any bright ideas to make it seem like something different.

  3. *tappity tap* I just added sauerkraut to my food order (otherwise ordering for dinner with Becky and Ian on Saturday – haggis lasagne – whoo!).

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