Posting Thursday On Thursday

Posted by Sylvia


Dinner: Tataki for 3

Meal Food | Drink Calories
323g lean beef loin 500
275g Avocado 330
40g pickled ginger 30
100g carrot 41
100g courgette 16
3 eggs 180
Sauces 20
5ml sesame oil 40
Total 1,157

I counted calories as I put things onto the counter for serving and then split the results over three plates. It was nice but no one liked the courgettes tossed with a bit of kimchi sauce. Cliff thought they tasted boring and Connor thought they were too spicy. *grumble*

Breakfast 2 coffees with milk 60
Lunch 3 eggs 210
low cal cheese 36
5g butter 36
17g cheese 70
20g onion 8
20g chard 4
20g corn 16
Dinner Tataki 400
Snack 2 cups of Options 74
Total Calories 914

Tomorrow I have a deadline that I’m utterly unprepared for and also I promised to take Connor for a long walk so I thought I’d post this before bed (now just don’t let me wander in the kitchen on my way to the stairs!)


2 thoughts on “Posting Thursday On Thursday

  1. He quit before I did. :)

    Connor and Cliff are at opposite sides of the spiciness scale which can make life somewhat challenging. I like food spicy but not quite as spicy as Cliff will have it. I often get around the different tastes by adding chiles at serve time.

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