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I have made the Rich Spinach Soup before but it’s not very filling (my Korean recipe book describes it part of a meal as opposed to a main course). When we went to the Japanese restaurant a few weeks ago, I had a wonderful Beef Soup with Udon that I thought wasn’t too high in calories but was definitely packed with flavour. I decided to try to recreate it using the Korean soup recipe that I had already tried.

300g chard 60
120g onion 48
15g garlic 23
300g noodles 600
150g beef 232
1 tablespoon oil 120
1 tablespoon mirin 40
Total Calories 1,123

Rich Spinach Soup with Noodles

It was a nice big bowl of soup (570g per person!) at 375 calories per person so it seems like a very good low cal meal. I chopped up a chile and placed it in Cliff’s bowl so his soup was spicy and Connor’s wasn’t. That worked nicely and both of them said the soup was delicious. Hurray!

I planned a bigger dinner knowing I had calories to spare. The aubergine, er, stuff was a greek thing I found at the supermarket. I tried to guess high on the calories as the packet didn’t give much information but did say it was 65% aubergine which I thought was a good sign. It was sold with a very similar packet of hummus so I ended up using a hummus calorie count. This seems safe as chickpeas are more calorific than aubergines AND the dip contained more aubergine than the hummus did chickpeas. How convoluted is that – maybe next time I’ll just stick to balsamic vinegar.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Coffee with milk 30
Sub-total 30
Lunch Rich Spinach Soup with Noodles 375
Sub-total 375
Dinner 130g veal steak, lean 270
200g potatos (steamed) 154
220g tomato 50
aubergine stuff (approx) 70
83g asparagus 17
dipped in hot oil for roasting 20
Sub-total 581
Small glass of red wine 100
Sub-total 100
Total 1,086

I decided to trade in my customary extra milky coffee and options drinks for a glass of red wine. I’m happier with this system than putting it into the calorie count – effectively I’m trading one set of pointless drinks for another. I have to decide in the morning (and not have the second coffee, let alone my occasional third!) so it’s not a decision made late at night when I know I’m at my weakest. Also, there’s no negotiating – it’s one glass of wine or none. I think in this case I need strict boundaries so that I’m not trying to get more and this seems like it could work.


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