Black Bean Salad

Posted by Sylvia

I made this at the weekend as I wasn’t sure how calorific it would end up. It’s based on this: Recipe: Brazilianesque black bean salad – Los Angeles Times

They added 5 tablespoons of olive oil (eeek) and then claim it’s 183 per serving (um?!) for 6-8 people. I think it would make a fine side-dish for maximum 6 people. We ate this batch between the three of us, with steaks.

It was very nice and I’d be happy with this as a main course I’d be tempted to replace the avocado with corn and increase the total volume for a serving instead.

283g tinned black beans 272
50g minced onion 40
10g fresh cilantro/coriander 2
3 tablespoons lime juice 12
1 tablespoon olive oil 120
1 teaspoon ground cumin 1
100g hearts of palm 10
150g tomato 24
150g chopped avocado 180
Total Calories 661

One thought on “Black Bean Salad

  1. I make a very similar salad, but instead of hearts of palm and chopped avocado, I have green beans or even mange touts and crumbled Feta Cheese for that little ‘zing’ and a bit of balsamic.

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