Day 458: weigh-in

Posted by Paola

Weekly weigh-in: 2 lbs gained

Total lost: 69 lbs / 4 st 13 lbs / 31.3 kg in 65 weeks

Current weight: 145 lbs / 10 st 5 lbs / 65.8 kg

Ho hum.


3 thoughts on “Day 458: weigh-in

  1. I can’t help looking at the total amount lost with something approaching awe. As the end goal gets closer, your motivation is lessening. But you have shown what you can do (look at that ski jump) and I don’t think you are someone who leaves things unfinished. So those last 14 pounds, they WILL go.

  2. And I’m still amazed at what I accomplished. I remember so well a year ago and how it seemed such a long slog – I keep being surprised that it’s now a year on and I DID IT!

    Today we took part in the national Biobank survey. They asked questions about childhood, health, family, life-style and then took various measurements and samples. They’re hoping to survey 500,000 40-65 (?) yr olds.

    My body-fat percentage is 34% – it was 48% before I started my diet! They categorised my weight as ‘overweight’ (rather than “argh, lose some weight!”) and waist measurement as “borderline”. No one could explain to me what I was borderline to and so I decided I must be borderline ballerina.

  3. You are definitely on your way to becoming a borderline ballerina in doc martins!!!
    Paola, you look absolutely fantastic and it is amazing how much weight you have lost. I really admire your perseverance and determination, and wish I had the same!!

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