Day 484: weigh-in

Posted by Paola

Weekly weigh-in: 3 lbs gained

Total lost: (total: 67 lbs / 4 st 11 lbs / 30.4 kg in 68 weeks)

Current weight: 147 lbs / 10 st 7 lbs / 66.7 kg


8 thoughts on “Day 484: weigh-in

  1. Start posting food diaries again.

    My irrational completist-ism says I cannot post new diaries without filling the gaps (as I’ve been photographing and noting), and I want to show what I’ve been eating to put on weight.

    My compromise will be to add a couple earlier dairies every time I post a new one. That way, I’ll catch up in the end and subdue alter-ego completist she-who-must-be-obeyed.


  2. Sounds like a great plan!!

    I am finding the photographing aspect harder to get used to, and I must ask you for little tricks that you have used to make sure a) the camera is nearby b) you remember to photograph!

  3. I keep the camera (cameraphone nowadays), notepad and scales on the kitchen counter where I prepare all my meals. Every evening I take the notepad and camera to my computer.

    In 480-ish days I’ve only ever forgotten to photograph food at home a couple of times. Eating out is harder to remember, eating with friends the worst as one’s usually engrossed in conversation while eating. Getting one’s camera out and putting it next to one’s plate on arrival helps, though.

    I think it only takes a week to develop the habit.

  4. Once I started keeping a notepad and pen in the kitchen (next to the scales which live on the counter) I found it a lot easier to track food. It’s just a cheap little paper notebook but I glued a photograph of myself looking particularly fat and jabba-the-hut-like onto the cover of it, to remind me of why I need to track.

  5. Thank you. I have deposited a notebook and pen in my kitchen too and will add the camera to it tonight too. Its presently out for a ride in the car with Dal!

  6. Tesco do a digital camera for under ¬£30. It’slikely good enough as a dedicated food-diarying camera.

    I can buy and froward it to you if you’re interested. Or you might be able to buy it online yourself and give my address as the delivery address.

  7. Thanks Paola, that is a really kind offer.

    I have a good camera, but it has legs on it, as my son is a budding photographer and has to take pictures of everything he sees. Everytime he sees my camera, it disappears!

    I think you are right in getting a separate camera for the food diary. I can pick up a second hand one here for about $20 for that, or pick one up at a garage sale, since they have started now too. Thanks again

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