Keeping on Target

Posted by Sylvia

Weigh-in: 80.7 kilos

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

I gained one and a half kilos back of the weight I lost. It’s frustrating but no surprise. I have noticed that I’ve felt very lethargic about moving around and my skin felt “tight” which I was sure was the effect of weight gain.

79 kilos seems to be a visual cut off point for me – that is to say, when I sneak under 79 kilos I start getting comments that I look much slimmer and when I drift back over it, people ask me in gentle tones how the diet is going, already knowing the answer. I think it’s something to do with my cheekbones.

At the end of the month, I’m going back to Germany for the weekend and I’d really like to be under 79 kilos again at that point. Unfortunately, the plan (spend the rest of this month dieting on weekdays) is going a bit awry as the current guest is here until Tuesday and then we have new ones arriving on Wednesday!

There will be a lot of restaurant food and going to pubs etc but I’ve learned before that that doesn’t mean I need to give up. I am not going to do strict calorie counting until they are gone but I can make intelligent choices in the meantime.

This week, I think I might use Anna’s idea of listing all the things I did not eat (but could have) as a motivator.

Also, I will do daily exercise which should help me to lose some weight if my intake isn’t crazy.

And I’ll get back into the habit of posting on Food Confessional to keep my mind focused on the short-term goal.

May 29th
79 kilos


6 thoughts on “Keeping on Target

  1. Good luck… !

    I find the food confessional fantastic for keeping me focussed too (albeit I have been out of it for the last 3 days !)

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