Day 487: Mucho fruit

Posted by Paola

In trying to cut out my calorific desserts, I ate fruit instead, with wild abandon.

At 10pm the previous night, I started getting symptoms for a bladder infection and was up most of the night. I got some anti-biotics from the doctor and ended up going to bed at 7pm this evening.

8:30am Fried egg sandwich + coffee

With a scraping of light mayo and mustard.

Followed by a fruit bar

65 calories each

Morning drink: pint of fizzy squash

12:15pm Savoy cabbagem cheese and  red kidney beans with sweet chilli yoghurt + tea

Followed by a peach and kiwi fruit

2:30pm Apple + tea

5:30pm Veg, bean and tomato soup with cheese and crackerbread

The cheese and lower-fat spread on the Crackerbreads is a post-strict-diet addition.

Followed by a peach and satsuma


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