Day 489: Resistance is futile

Posted by Paola

9:10am Roasted tomatoes, red kidney beads and cheese with sweet chilli youghurt,  Crackerbreads + baked apple dessert + tea

Possibly the weirdest breakfast ever. I had baked a few tomatoes and apples while cooking Frank’s marinated salmon the night before. The dessert was a baked apple, sultanas, yoghurt and vanilla sugar. As yesterday, no bread as I knew I would want a sandwich later.

By the way, this is what I made for Frank: a souffle omelette with red onions, sweet chilli salmon and cheese. The egg whites are whisked up and then added to the yolk before cooking.

Morning drink: large coffee

2pm Ham and cheese salad sandwich + veg, bean and tomato soup + squash

I left it too long to eat and so had soup as well as a sandwich to which I’d already added some sultanas and the rest of the sauerkraut.

2:15pm Kiwi, bran flakes and yoghurt

With vanilla sugar. Bought for Frank to put on popcorn but I seem to be getting through it.

5:20pm Toffee yoghurt with bran flakes and sultanas + coffee

Ah, I had one of those big urges for lots of sweets. I eyed Frank’s tea cake on the counter but had one of his yoghurts (100 cals) instead.

9:30pm Cheese salad with Crackerbreads and spread + squash with juice

followed by a peach and apple

both microwaved for 20 secs to get the chill off


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