Turbulent Tuesday

Posted by Sylvia

Getting back into calorie counting (goal: under 1,200 calories per day) and starting a new exercise regime (My Fitness Coach on the Wii for 15 min every weekday) has played havoc with my scheduling. You’d think I would start to get the hang of this. I also decided to take photographs of my food but mainly because lunch was just so damn pretty.

1 cup of milky coffee: 30 cal
1 cup of orange mate tea with no calories (well, I think no calories, it’s got little bits of orange peel in it but you strain them out – how exactly does that work? Where do calories live? )

15 minutes with Maya doing core training or something like that. It involved jumping around for a bit and then doing lots of crunches.

For lunch, I made this mushroom soba soup based on a recipe I found on a vegetarian site. It’s layered, with the noodles on the bottom, then the mushrooms, then all the other bits and pieces. Doing it this way is a little bit of a pain as you have to cook each individual thing for adding to the bowl but I did like the end effect.

1 tablespoon oil 120
20g dried shiitake 60
2 eggs, boiled 140
50g soba noodles 168
18g asparagus 4
100g onion 40
60g fresh mushrooms 15
dried daikon (?) 50
5g grated ginger 4
vegetable broth 20
Two Portions 621

Glass of diet coke: 1 cal
Bowl of mushroom soba soup: 310 cal

Around 5pm I began feeling energetic and slightly down. I glanced at the time, thinking I’d make a note of it and see if a cup of coffee helped. In the end, I got distracted by other things and by the time I had time to wonder whether or not I needed more food, it was time to make dinner.

I had a glass of iced tea with lemon and sweetex (I’ll count these at 10 calories each to be safe) before going into the kitchen, thinking it would help so that I wouldn’t feel starving as I cooked.

I was somewhat disappointed in how many calories are in lentils! I’d planned to serve twice as many but luckily I looked up the calories before I mixed everything together.

I’ll have to go to the shops and see if there is much variance between the different types of lentils (I was surprised to see as much as 100 calories/100g variance in rice!)

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Lamb 340g meat, fat trimmed 700
Curry Powder 5
Sub-total 705
Lentils 1 tablespoon oil 120
220g onion 88
200g chard 40
65g raw lentils 230
Sub-total 478
Two Portions 1,183

Dinner: 591 calories

Despite cutting down the amount of food, it was a good meal and I didn’t feel hungry at the end of it (more than I can say for lunch). It’s just occurred to me that if I grill the onions before peeling and chopping them, I bet I’ll save a lot of oil! I’ll try that next time.

I planted a lot less chard this year and today’s dish pretty much cleared the crop. It’ll grow back (and I left some baby leaves to mix into salad) but it is definitely more manageable levels this year.

Breakfast 30
Lunch 311
Dinner 591
Iced Tea 10
Options Hot Chocolate 80
Total Calories 1,022

I had to remind myself at bedtime that it was OK to feel hungry.


5 thoughts on “Turbulent Tuesday

  1. Gosh, the mushroom soba soup and evening meal look fab. I love those layered dishes.

    Consider softening onions by microwaving, freezing (and rewarming) or braising in vinegar. Nowadays I mostly use oil for flavour rather than non-stick purposes.

    Yup, I was surprised about lentils too – I would be using them in my soups otherwise.

  2. I wasn’t crazy about the flavour when I tried microwaving and steaming. I haven’t tried freezing/rewarming nor braising in vinegar, though, that sounds nice.

    For that Vietnamese chicken soup I made, you place the onion on a grill / bbq with the skin still on and let it blacken – then peel off the outer layers. This gave it a wonderfully sweet flavour.

  3. *hugs*
    I love the evening meal!!! looks delicious

    I chop the onions, then freeze them in individual size portion bags and when I rewarm them, I just spray a bit of oil if it gets stuck to the bottom. If using non-stick, then it works fantastic without oil.

  4. In seeing these pics I’ve realised that I don’t cook much because a) when I feel like eating I wanna eat immediately and b) if I cook, I want to eat it immediately. Hmm.

  5. Cooking for me is a relaxer – I break away from the computer and writing and am doing completely different things with my hands. Many of my leisure activities involve the computer and so I really need to have something separate.

    Also, I find the process really soothing. If I take all the right ingredients and treat them correctly and follow the steps, I will end up with a meal at the end of it. No guess work, no risk, no random elements unless I choose to screw around with things. That makes me happy.

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