It’s in the Fridge, Calling My Name

Posted by Sylvia

Coffee 30 cal

Got up early to go to the consulate. Stared at the cottage cheese. Decided I wasn’t really hungry and that I should wait until lunch.

I finally arrived home about an hour and a half before lunchtime. Stared at the cottage cheese. Pondered making a meal centred around cottage cheese and then realised that I needed to use the lamb up as it had been sitting for two days.


160g lamb 320
25g yogurt 30
50g rice 130
Total Calories 480

I skewered the lamb and served it with rice. On the side I did a tablespoon of yogurt mixed with hot sauce and curry powder. It was … odd. I will have to make a batch of nice curry and then freeze the sauce in small amounts to serve on the side of dishes like this.

I haven’t been to the shops so we still have no lettuce so I couldn’t do cottage cheese with salad for dinner. Besides, quite honestly I did not feel like sharing it with Cliff.

I made a mental note NOT to buy cottage cheese during the week unless it’s planned for a specific meal and stuck to the original plan of omelette and lean ham.


3 eggs 210
1 ham steak thing 109
1.5 slices cheese 52.5
butter 50
Total Calories 421.5

Last time I made this omelette, I made it with more cheese and both Cliff and I agreed that it wasn’t the best use of calories. This time I used only low-cal cheese and not very much of that. The “ham steaks” I put on the grill although maybe I should have cooked them in the butter with the eggs as they were very dry. Anyway, it was not a bad meal. I had a little bit of ketchup with mine which I forgot to count – so I’ve added 10 calories to the dinner total.

Breakfast 30
Lunch 480
Dinner 432
Wine 100
Options 40
Total Calories 1,082

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to have a glass of wine tonight or not – but then I found out that I sold a short story and I decided to have a drink to celebrate.

Then I stayed up playing on the computer until late and I really really really wanted that cottage cheese. It definitely helped to know that I would have to write it down. I didn’t want to admit that I’d had it at the last minute – so I didn’t have it.

I am only supposed to get a glass of wine by trading in my hot chocolates but in the end I decided that as I wasn’t having any food, I should be able to have one Options before bed.

Tomorrow I’m eating that damn cottage cheese, though!


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